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The Dangerous Games series uses graphic novel style fiction to engage reluctant and struggling readers. The books feature exciting adventure story plotlines and contemporary illustrations.

The use of black-and-white artwork distinguishes the ‘real world’ from the ‘games world’.

Reading age: 7.5 years
Interest level: 10–4 years
Broadband: G–4I
Word Count: 2000



Kojo, Tom and Sima can’t wait to play their snowboarding computer game for real. But Kojo puts their lives at risk when he forgets to program a virus checker into the game.

Deadly Ocean

A new surfing game goes wrong, with terrible results. Sima is about to be lost in the game world forever. Only Tom and Kojo can bring her back–if they can find her in time!


Sima, Tom and Kojo travel back in time and land on a volcano. They are about to be blown to pieces! Time is running out. Can the trio find their way off Krakatoa?

Asteroid Attack

A journey into space turns from amazing adventure to asteroid attack! Can Tom. Sima and Kojo stop the world being wiped out, or will it be game over?

Tornado Terror

It’s a dream come true for Tom when Sima designs a game about escaping from tornadoes. But when their truck crashes, the trio are stuck trapped in tornado terror! This is one trip into the game world they will never forget…

Robot Invasion

Computer game designers Sima, Tom and Kojo enter the world of robots. They come face-to-face with a robot ruler who wants to take over the Earth. This time, have they met their match?

Street Wars

Sima, Kojo and Tom program computer games. But they are hiding a big secret. One evening the trio enter ‘Street Wars’ and play the game for real. Can they win against the odds? And will they make it out before it’s too late?

Jungle Eye

Kojo, Tom and Sima’s new game is simple–all they have to do is get to a hut in the middle of the jungle. But Tom has other ideas…

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